Home Wedding Catering

  1. Why should I have a home wedding?

There are great advantages to having a small wedding at home. It’s very economical compared to an event in a hired venue. Not just because of the venue savings but your food and alcohol, costs will be much less too.

  1. Make it sound fancy

Some people don’t like the term ‘back yard wedding’; ‘home wedding’ is the generally used description.

  1. How many guests?

Less than 100 people is a manageable wedding. More than 100 people and you should consider engaging a wedding event manager. Consider the size of your home; is there enough space for everyone to gather for the ceremony and ample room to mingle into the evening. Rough guide for 100 people is 50 square meters. Don’t forget you have the option of clearing furniture into one room or the garage to create space elsewhere.

  1. How to save money on catering

A good part of the cost saving in a home wedding is the catering. Home weddings often have more casual food service, or even self-serve. Choosing to serve platters, finger food or buffet could halve your food bill as well as making food service much simpler. Get at least 3 quotes to copare

  1. Tips on choosing a caterer

Ideally try to eat at their restaurant, or get samples if they do not have a venue.
Here are some questions you’ll want to ask.

How long have they been catering weddings?

What style food do they mostly do? No point choosing a caterer because you loved their curry and telling them you want Mediterranean food.

A good caterer will know all the questions you want to ask before you ask them and have a spiel that covers almost everything you wanted to know from a first contact.

  1. Do you have dietary requirements?

Specific dietary requirement are becoming more and more prevalent in todays society and its great if your caterer can manage them all. As your RSVPs come in, make sure you find out if anyone is vegan, gluten intolerant, or has a nut allergy.

  1. Waiters and waitresses and sub-contracting

Is your caterer offering a self-serve buffet style food option or a full service including wait staff.

If your thinking of employing your own staff thinking it will save you money, think very carefully before going down this path. You are taking some responsibility away from the caterer – sub-contracting increases risk. If something goes wrong, it will probably be a communication issues between the caterer and the staff something.

  1. Other things to consider

  • You should discuss with the caterer what will happen if it rains.

  • Warn the neighbors especially if it’s an evening wedding.

  • You’ll need a bathroom strategy. Most houses only have one main bathroom near the living quarters, consider hiring a Portaloo

  • Put away any delicate antiques, or breakable objects around the house.

  • Put away your valuables, yes they are close friends but its better to be safe than sorry.

  • Decisions about who’s in charge of music levels should be made before the event.

  1. More questions?

If you have more questions about catering for your wedding, contact Heart Thai Food on (07) 3369 8555. You can get a good idea of what catering will cost you by visiting our website.