Prik Narm Pla is the greatest condiment to any savoury Thai dish. I must be frank though, I was never an enthusiast for spicy foods. Certainly my Thai citizenship could be revoked for saying such a thing, but this was true until I tasted this surprising sauce. This dearly cherished flavour-enhancer boasts depth and complexity, delivering pleasing saltiness and a slight numbing of the mouth.

Countless incarnations of the sauce can be found, depending and who is looking.  So let’s break it down. There are two essential ingredients:

Prik: hot red or green chillies thinly sliced and immersed in…
Narm Pla : good quality fish/ anchovies sauce.

Additional ingredients are decided upon by the cook.

Any Thai person will happily attest that a Thai meal is incomplete without a side of Prik Narm Pla. I felt it was important to introduce my awesome diners at our shop to how Thais actually enjoy their food. This recipe is enhanced by a few of my favourite ingredients.  Interestingly Prik Narm Pla is a bit like good cheese, the older sauce offers a refined and mellow flavour compared to a freshly-made sauce.

Make your own today with my Prik Narm Pla sauce recipe. A must try with a thai fried rice.