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We changed our name to
Heart Thai Food
but nothing else!

My Thai Kitchen opened its doors on the 9th December 2010 and managed to trade for merely 3 weeks before being devastated by the Brisbane floods.  For such a young business it is amazing that we survived such a calamity, but we did and My Thai Kitchen has gone on to become one of the busiest and best Thai restaurants in Brisbane now known as Heart Thai Food.

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Our Food is MSG Free,
Gluten Free, & Preservative Free.
This is how Thai food should be.

We pride ourselves on all natural and fresh ingredients, not using cheap substitutes and no cheating the flavour like many others that use MSG.

The story of how we became
Heart Thai Food

Our mission is to feed our community and to grow with you and your families.

As you may have noticed we are changing our name from My Thai Kitchen to Heart Thai Food.  This is to reflect a bit of my own personality but mostly to reflect the things that all of us that cook for and serve you here on a daily basis care about most. And that is that “We Care”

We care about the food we eat as we cook and eat our own food for breakfast lunch and dinner so it has to be as good for you as it is for us.

We care about the ingredients we use; the choice of ingredients is more important that the recipe.  You cant go wrong with good quality and fresh ingredients, that’s why we source only the finest fresh local meats, seafood and vegetables for our food, including fresh Brisbane prawns from the Redcliffe trawlers, sustainably ocean farmed fresh Daintree Barramundi, and of course the best fruit and veg from our local Milton Fruit Bowl.

Most importantly we care about the people we serve every day. YOU!

Dinner is a special meal when you get to eat and catch up with friends or sit with the family and talk about your day.  We love that we are a part of that for so many people in our community, and its been a joy seeing so many customers grow from single, to married, to starting their own families, and seeing the kids reactions to trying Thai food for the first time.


Head Chef

One of the most well know and respected Thai chefs in Brisbane Ae has been the head chef with us for many years now, he runs all aspects of the kitchen, staffing, ordering, and menu creation


Sweet & Sour

Skye has been a cooking with us since our very first day. She is always on point in the kitchen, never missing a beat and she also loves to bake delicious treats at home.


The Crying Tiger

Dont be fooled by her sweetness, this little powerhouse will show anyone down.  Tany is our Restaurant Manager and Maitre’d

Dr. Nui

Head Dish Washer

Nui began with us in 2011 as a dish washer and worked his was up to become one of our most valued chefs. He always brings a good attitude to work and is the social hub of the group.


The Apprentice

The baby of the family, Tom is only 18 and at the beginning of his apprenticeship.  I cant imagine there are too many aussie kids that want to be a Thai chef so he will be a rare breed and highly sought after.



Con has been fussy about his food ever since he was a kid, and still is, thats why he will not compromise on inferior ingredients for his food or yours. He also just recently lost his crown of being the only white boy in the kitchen.




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